Chinese New Year Cookies & Biscuits

chinese arrowroot chips
Chinese Arrowroot Chips
chinese peanut cookies
Chinese Peanut Cookies

chinese almond cookies
Chinese Almond Cookies
chinese white almond cookies
Chinese White Almond Cookies

crispy chicken biscuits
Crispy Chicken Biscuits
crispy peanut cracker
Crispy Peanut Cracker

fried seaweed cracker
Fried Seaweed Cracker
green pea cookies
Green Pea Cookies

little chicken biscuit
Little Chicken Biscuit

pineapple tart ga ku
Pineapple Tart and Chinese Arrowroot Chips
popo murukku fish
Popo Fish Murukku

pork floss
Pork Floss
spiral ear biscuit
Spiral Ear Biscuit

Most of them are tasty in their own right. My favourites are arrowroot chips and green pea cookies. Enjoy eating the Chinese New Year cookies. Gong Xi Fa Cai...

Please eat the snacks moderately. Do not overeat.

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