MCO Eats At Home 4

mutton curry   gong pia

I quickly popped button-shaped chocolates of M&M from a small packet into my mouth. That would give me energy to cook. Anyway, I took the easy way out. I reheated the mutton curry and air fried Hock Chew gong pia Sitiawan biscuit. This breakfast was the fastest meal that I've prepared.

saba fish rice   omelette

Lunch time came. I cooked Omelette with Saba fish plus fried rice. They were delicious. Well, it was a simple lunch and my hungry tummy was satisfied.

pork ribs   kim chi pak choy
fried fish   boh tea

As the sun was setting in the west, I prepared food to cook. I air fried the pork ribs. Cooked kim chi with pak choy. Panned fried the fish. What a feast. After dinner, I drank a cup of hot tea and my eyes grew heavy…time to slumber…

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