Snacks from Shopee

dorkbua lotus drumstick   dorkbua lotus drumstick

The above snack is Dorkbua Lotus Hot & Spicy Drumstick Biscuit. They are little chicken drumstick like biscuits made of flour and other ingredients. It’s about 3cm long for a piece. I could taste spicy chicken flavouring, peppery, a little sweet and crunchy when eaten. Superb snack when watching TV.

organic chestnut

Here is another snack, organic Chesnuts, a healthy snack. At the first bite, it tastes soft, creamy and chalky. A little sweet and salty though.

want want rice cracker   want want rice cracker

Onto the next snack is a tasty Want Want Seaweed Rice Cracker. It tastes savoury and crunchy. A nice snack for tea time goes well with milk tea or coffee.

mix fruit cracker   mix fruit cracker

This is a yummy packet of mix fruit cracker. It’s packed with different dried fried fruits like jack fruit, banana, sweet potato, bitter gourd and potato chips. Initially it’s slightly hard when eaten but crispy afterwards. A wonderful snack for tea break.

organic chestnut

Onto the last item, 'Keropok Ikan Seameq Dengan Sos Pencicah' which translates as 'Seameq Fish Cracker with Chilly Sauce'. It has a fishy taste but not strong though and it’s crispy goes well with the chilly sauce provided.

Amongst these snacks I like the Dorkbua Lotus Hot & Spicy Drumstick Biscuit best. It has the spicy chicken flavor to it and a fun snack to eat. It can be addictive though.

Please eat the snacks moderately. Do not overeat.

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