Another Batch of Snacks from Shopee

smokey bacon chips

Today I tasted the Smokey Bacon Chips. It has a tinge of smokiness bacon flavor but no bacon meat strip, just a layer that looks like bacon. On the whole the chips are appealing to my taste buds.

organic chestnut

And the Nongshim Pretzel taste like caramel at first bite then followed by a slight cheesy salty flavor.

korean seaweed   korean seaweed kimchi

The Korean Seasoned Seaweed Kimchi flavor tasted salty and is spicy as kimchi. The package has with a few pieces in it. A piece of it is rectangular shaped and flat and green in colour as in the picture.

honey butter chips onion rings   honey butter chips onion rings

The Honey Butter Chips Onion has strong onion and savoury taste. Could not feel the honey or butter flavor though.

keropok sira mas madu   keropok sira mas madu chips

The Keropok Sira Mas Madu is a cracker which is crispy and spicy and has honey taste at first bite. It can be a bit hard though when munching. Good for an afternoon snack and goes well with a fizzy cold drink.

korean lotte corn finger hotspicy   korean lotte corn finger chips

Korean Lotte Corn Finger Chips is very spicy and has a tinge of salty flavour. Be prepared with a cold soda when eating these chips.

Amongst these snacks I like the Smokey Bacon Chips best. It has the savoury bacon flavor to it. A wonderful snack to munch.

Please eat the snacks moderately. Do not overeat.

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