Snacks on 7th Feb. Weekend

korean haitai sweet potato chips

The Korean Haitai Sweet Potato Chips has sweet potato and milk powder flavor. It is sweet and still palatable.

alfort chocolate milk matcha

The Japan Bourbon Alfort Chocolate Milk Matcha Dark Chocolate is a chocolate coated biscuit. It tastes chocolaty on the outside and crunchy biscuity on the inside. A fun snack to eat with hot mocha.

gosumi sesame cracker   gosumi sesame cracker pieces

Korea Orion Gosumi Sesame Cracker Biscuit is mildly sweet yet savoury flavor and crispy too. Good if you put sliced cheese on top of the biscuit goes well with English tea.

lays potato chips   lays potato chips

The Lays Potato Chips is crispy and have strong sourish lime flavour. Good to enjoy as light snack watching TV and it's a premium potato chips

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