Ventiterre Moscato and Sliding Hill Pinot Noir

20 Ventiterre Moscato

Ventiterre Moscato   Ventiterre Moscato back

It's a white wine from Italy.

Grape type: Moscato

Region: Italy/Veneto

Winery: Zonin

The Taste: It's off dry, fruity, low ABV, lemony and slightly peachy, light and refreshing.

This wine price is affordable and inexpensive, about RM62. It gives better taste if it were chilled in the fridge before drinking. It pairs well with pasta, seafood like prawns and fish, cheese and cured meat.

Sliding Hill Pinot Noir 2019

sliding hill   sliding hill back

It's a red wine from New Zealand.

Grape type: Pinot Noir

Region: Marlborough, New Zealand

Winery: Sliding Hill

The Taste: It's dry, fruity, has a cherry flavour, light to medium body, slightly tannic, some tartness, some chocolate taste and a tinge of smokiness.

The wine is affordable and inexpensive, about RM127. It goes well with venison (deer), veal, beef and poultry.

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