Wine Characteristics

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What influence the choice of wine are the wine characteristics such as flavours, acidity, sweetness, tannins and body.

      1. Flavours
      Wines have fruity flavour in varying degrees. As for white wine, it may have peachy or citrus (lime or lemon) flavour. Red wine, however, has more dominant of blackberry, raspberry or blueberry taste.

      2. Acidity
      The acidity in wine means that it tastes tart or zesty. It must not be mixed up with having high concentration of alcohol. High acidity means the wine tastes tart. If you sipped the wine, you can feel the tingling sensation on the front and sides of your tongue. If you prefer your wine to be rich and round, less acidity is usually preferred.

      3. Full-bodied
      The body of the wine is determined by a variety of factors like the alcohol by volume (ABV) and residual sugar. Wine with higher alcohol volume has fuller body than a lower one. The body of wine can be light, medium and full depending on the alcohol content. If the wine taste stays long in your mouth about 30 to 40 seconds then it is full-bodied.

      4. The Sweetness
      The sweetness of a wine is judged from the residual sugar that is the left over sugar that is not completely fermented to alcohol. There are simply 4 levels of sweetness:
      Bone dry: meaning extremely dry no residual sugar
      Dry: it ranges from no residual sugar to 1 gram per 150ml serving. Most wines are of this type.
      Off Dry: It is between 2 to 3 grams of residual sugar per 150ml serving. Most of them are white wines, occasionally high quality Italian red wine would be in this classification.
      Sweet: The sweetness range from 3 to 28 grams of residual sugar per 150ml serving. Some of the sweet wine are Rutherglen Muscat, Tokaji, Tawny Port, Canadian and German Ice Wine.

      5. Tannin
      It is a compound that gives the bitterness in the wine. It is found in grape skin or the bark of the oak tree used in aging the wine in an oak barrel. Why do you need tannin in your wine? Well it makes your wine last longer and adds balance, complexity and texture.

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