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Astronomy & Astronautics seem like a far fetch fields. As this humanity progresses, their last bastian of final frontier of this physical world would be space. This website is to enlightened any web surfer with this knowledge. Feast your eyes into this site and view the interesting things about this universe and the technological advancement of the spacecraft of this era.

Astronomy is a study of celestial bodies like galaxies, nebulae, stars,planets, moons, asteroids and comets. Including the processes (such as the formation of stars, planets, black holes, pulsars,supernova explosions, cosmic background radiation, gamma ray burst and etc.), the chemistry, physics and evolution of such celestial bodies in the universe.

Astronautics involves the up to date space technology encompassing rockets, satellites communications and broadcasting, space navigation system, manned space vehicals and unmanned planetary probes.

Into the future

A collection of antimatter eg. a positron (an electron which has the same characteristics of electron except it is positively charge)as little as 4mg would take a spacecraft to Mars in just a few weeks. This is due to the energy packed in antimatter is a billion times more than in a rocket fuel.
Michio Kaku

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In Astronomy 101 is an introduction to the basics of Astronomy. It opens up to the study of heavenly bodies outside earth i.e. the objects in the universe, their chemical and physical properties.

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As for Astronautics 101, basically this course teaches the fundamentals of rocket science, orbital mechanics, environmental control and life support system and concept of safety and risk management.

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For Astronomy, its future research would be in looking for exoplanets and figuring out dark energy (quote Online Popular Science)

As for Astronautics, it's future is in developing space vehicals sending humans to Mars and colonizing it.

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Interesting Articles in Astronautics
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